Detective: Nothing personal, okay? Not stalling because I like prolonging the moment. hear the storm rumbling outside? In a minute or two, thunder will start--during the biggest thunderclap--bang.

Vicki: How could he possibly know that exactly--it's you, isn't it? Can you stop him? If you can--if that's the price I've got to pay--I-I'll join you. Upgrade: Price?

Upgrade: We're not going to blackmail you into joining us. You'll join voluntarily. Forethought: Dora, you clear on what to do? Dora: Yeah, I-I think so. Forethought: Good. Because here comes our ride.

Upgrade: Granted, we did blckmail that detective--amazing what you can do with an amazingly swift, blue-glowing ghost--when you can see the past and future--the most incriminating evidence.



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