Dora: Here, Boss. Let me get your mask. Mindmistress: Yeoww!! Dora: Ooops. Sor-ry. Mindmistress: It's...okay, Dora, thanks. But what is going on here? There are at least a dozen other guards...Forethought: Not to worry--Messenger's taking care of them. Mindmistress: Messenger? He's working with us now? Since when? Forethought: Since he foudn his cousin worked with Lyons--and didn't tell Messenger.

Mindmistress (Caption): Where's Messenger now? Forethought: Binding and blindfolding anyone who'd monitor or detonate his suit--before they can even react. Highspeed: This is no way to treat fellow employees--so I quit.Dora: I donned your armor in case of--trouble. Mindmistress: Luckily for me--or--is it?  Vicki's unreachable--was that a demonstration--showing Vicki how easily her closest friends--could be targeted?



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