Highspeed: Lyons' guards're helpless.  Sir, sorry about-- Forethought: Never mind. The Update manipulated us all. Mindmistress: Wehre's that backpack. Highspeed: My apartment. Mindmistress: Can you 'highspeed' there?  Vicki's with them. Highspeed: Vicki? Mindmistress: Looks like Dora.Highspeed: Vkk. Lks lk dr? Gt't. Onnt. Dora: Wow. What an exit. Be right back. I'll change--give you back your armor. Amateur night's over. Mindmistress: Appreciate it, Dora.

Forethought: We need to talk fast--not panic Dora. Mindmistress: Vicki's the real target, right? Forethought: Right. Besides you--does Vicki care about anyone else? Mindmistress: Rusty Minton. Her 'boyfriend'. Dora was created--Forethought (Caption): I see. Well, odds are he's in a trunk somewhere. If the idea is to influence Vicki--surely they ordered that detective to capture him--before trying to shoot you.



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