Forethought (Caption): The first sign of trouble was-- Forethought: Upgrade, you're chronologically complex but spatially limited--almost linear. Come with me-- Upgrade: To the remains of your Pheonix headquarters? Experiencing another location? Please.Forethought: The NSA conduacted a raid here quite a while ago--during my first real meeting with Mindmistress. Can you-- Upgrade: See it? Yes. Your conflict with her--and Lorelei Lyons' speech--

Forethought: Amazing.  Quite amazing. Upgrade: Speaking of Lorelei--you attached a tag to me--'To Lorelei Lyons. Forethought: Insurance. If we're ever separated--you'll end up with someone I trust.Upgrade: We can do more than just observe. Now that we're in your abandoned headquarters--we'll move back in time. Be among the 'evidence' the NSA gathers. It must happen. Forethought: What? No!!



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