I shouldn't feel guilty about taking his shirt--after all, he did try to kill you. I don't want to run around in underwear. Mindmistress: Dora--he kidnapped Rusty! Dora: He...what??

Rusty? Rusty? She better be right...I hope I didn't have to search through his pants to find his keys for nothing...'he'd keep a kidnap victim close.' Maybe. Ahhhh...

Mindmistress: Locked? Not the right keys? Allow me. Vicki: Rusty! Dora: *Mmmgghh*Upgrade: We can do more than just observe. Now that we're in your abandoned headquarters--we'll move back in time. Be among the 'evidence' the NSA gathers. It must happen. Forethought: What? No!!

Dora: I'ts always been Vicki, not me, right? You were okay when you thought me an extension of Vicki--but not as--myself. Rusty: Dora... Dora: It's okay. It's amirable. Sucks of rme, but...



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