911 Operator: 911. What's the nature of your emergency? Motorist: Th-there's a blue-glowing man moving on i-85--speeding in and out of traffic like a glowing ghost. On foot. What? Drinking? No, I--Highspeed: Dora? An angel? Pink??? Vicki: So that's 'Highspeed' huh? Cute in a Racer X kind of way...so you used him and his cousin...moving for you. Upgrade: True. Now watch--

Highspeed: Eyargh!! Upgrade: We can selectively speed up or slow down time on his body. One example: His brain recieving blood at one-sixtieth the speed it needs. Vicki:You're...torturing him!Upgrade: Ridiculous. You can't torture a corpse. To use, he's dead like his cousin--who we finally 'normalized'...moving six hundred miles per hour--before smashing into a brick wall.



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