We see the threads of your lives as they cross ours...your past clings to you like a musty perfume. We watch fascinated, as you change...we envy you the mercy of the now. We envy your uncertainty. The ability to be surprised.  Your blessed ignorance lets you confront the unexpected. We're jealous, envious. We're wiser than Mindmistress and Forethought combined, but have no volition.  We didn't devise the plan we're following--we saw it in our future. A plan devised by nobody...which we follow--becuase we see we did follow it. We have no free will. Our timeless state robs us of it. You can be confronted by unknown opponents--or make new friends or allies from places undreamt-of. We cannot. We can't even die. Trapped forever in a place with no freedom of choice, no free will...no possiblity of escape. Welcome to our...damnation.



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