Vicki (Caption): Let him go! For the love of humanity-- Upgrade (Caption): Love of humanity? The humanity which ordered thousands of Cherokee and Creeks from their homes--in Northern Georgia? The 'Trail of Tears' killed thousands!Upgrade (Caption): The humanity which waged a war to free slaves--torching this very city to do it? General Sherman: The rebels'll not use Atlanta's railroads again. Soldier: Too true, General Sherman sir!

Upgrade (Caption): Or nearby Olympic Park--where a pipe bomb detonated. Spectator: What? Spectator2: What was that? Upgrade (Caption): A nurse died--over a hundred injured. Yet the bomber thought he was righteous.  They all do.Vicki: Trail of Tear?  Burning of Atlanta? Olympic Park bombing? Those happened years...some, centuries...ago. Upgrade: We see them right now. Vicki: You...hate humanity? Cliche. Upgrade: No. Humanity hates itself. Obviously.



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