Upgrade: Aaaaannnnnd here they come now.  Vicki: The boss'll have a plan--she always has a plan--I won't have to become--like you. Upgrade: You're so wrong--it's utterly charming, Vicki.

Dora: The boss has a plan--she always has a plan. Forethought: Good. Because I have nothing. By the Upgrade's very nature, they know what we'll do before we do it. As May Laguardia used to say: 'When I make a mistake, it's a whopper.' Mindmistress: Dora--my plan is to watch, and listen--and improvise. The Upgrade could have easily killed any of us, before we knew they were around. Especially when I'm Lorelei. Why didn't they? They need us--for some reason.



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