Mindmistress: So...the Upgrade?  Atemporal intelligences?  What do you want? Upgrade: Our freedom. Mindmistress: And you think...no, you see--one of us will do this. Upgrade: Precisely. Forethought: And you need...Vicki.Dora: They're not the only ones. Rusty--I love you--but I won't be anyone's--proxy. Rusty: So..I guess we'll never again... Vicki: Never again? Ever? Do I get a vote? Dora/Rusty: No.

Vicki: Sor-ry. Still...I'm glad you brought up the rear in the catwalk, Rusty. I missed you. Rusty: Ditto. Those things threatened you? What's happening to Messenger? Rusty! Don't touch him--Vicki: Rusty!! Dora: Rust!! Upgarde: Adn the trap snaps shut.  Chronal effects conduct via contact. We'll place them both in time-stasis. No time will pass for them--until we release them.



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