Forethought: Doubtless it's too much to ask you to just tell us what we'll do. Upgrade: No; you see, we can see we didn't--so we can't. Figures. That'd be too easy.Okay, you can see the future...let's test that. Random words...together. Hippogriff. Upgrade: Hippogriff. Mindmistress: Harmonic. Devastate. Upgrade: Devastate. Mindmistress: Unique. Upgrade: Unique. Mindmistress: Rupture. Huh. You synched on only half the words. Your time-sight's flawed. Incomplete. Blocked?

Upgrade: 'In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Even partial glimpses of your future is-- Mindmistress: Mind-boggling. Right. But it's an unexpected limitation. Forethought? You knew--? Forethought: No: baffling.

Mindmistress: Another question: Which of us will 'free' you? Upgrade: One of you. Upgrade2: None of you. Mindmistess: Which is it? Upgrade: We didn't tell: so we can't tell. Mindmistress: That'll get old real fast.



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