Mindmistress: So...any idea what they're talking about? Forethought: None. Their spatial immobility's intrinsic to their being. Being 'free' isn't possible. Mindmistress: Vicki's an abacus compared to them. Why recruit her? Forethought: ...Pass.Vicki: Hey!! Genius Incorporated! You two have no clue what to do? Great. Poor Rusty's frozen...and I'm about to be drafted. Dora: Do something! Their existence sounds hellish. Mindmistress: Like...?

Dora: 'One of us.' 'None of you.' Only one of us has an ...aspect they can change. Who's here...but not here. I know...I know--it sounds crazy--Dora: --but this 'backpack' the Upgrade's anchored to--didn't move in time--until this tag was on it. 'To Lorelei Lyons'. Maybe we should ask--Lorelei. Mindmistress/Forethought: Lorelei?? Upgrade: At last.



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