Mindmistress: This sounds ridiculous--I'm Lorelei--sort of--but maybe my only chance to save Rusty--Vicki--even Messenger--no telling what the Upgrade could do-- Upgrade: Glad you asked. For starters--Upgrade: New plagues by speeding bacteria's reproduction--mutations--sixtyfold. Aging processes accelerated--but not reactions--so people age and die in a year. Pain prolonged-- Mindmistress: I get the idea. Changing--

Lorelei: Huh?? I'm s'posed t'know th'answers? But--I don't! Forethought: We're hoping you'll see something we missed. Maybe we can't see the forest--for the trees.Vicki: Boss.. Forethought: *Sigh* Lorelei, it's a metaphor... Dora: Okay, maybe not a great idea... Lorelei: A metawhat? I don't care if it's a two-by-four! Upgrade can't see the forest--f'the trees.

Lorelei: The Upgrade can't move, right? Like a grove of trees--inna forest, unchangin'--they're blockin
 each other's view--forever. 'Course they don't four-see everythin'. Just..bits'n'pieces.



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