Vicki: Okay, one minor mystery solved--but what about me? They want to make me--like them. Say I'll do it--voluntarily. Dora: can't let that happen to Vicki.Lorelei: Vicki--I'd never let nothin' happen t'you. I trust you with everything. You're my smart-self's best friend. But--if we don't do nothin'--Rusty'll stay froze. Just maybe...

Lorelei: You were just Vicki--an
now you're Vicki and Dora. Why not make a third? Vicki: What? Another? Lorelei: Load up your mem'ries to a new you-- Dora: Uh...'upload'. Lorelei: --Like th'Upgrade.Upgrade: Well done, Lorelei. Forethought: Robert Oppenheimer once said there were children playing in the streets that could solve his physics problems--because they'd see it with fresh eyes. I see what he meant.



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