Mindmistress: So this is the template for making these--atemporal intelligences? Forethought: Yes. Tell me the truth.  Did you spot...what Lorelei did? Mindmistress: Nope. I was busy looking for complicated answers.Vicki: So--we're really going through with this? I was horrifiedat the idea of becoming one of 'them'...so instead we're generating another self--who's born like that? That's crazy!! Dora: Maybe, Vicki--

Dora: But the Upgrade said they've 'seen' you become one of them.  If they're right--this is the only way to stay...you. Vicki: Or...save Rusty.  Dora: Yeah.  We've no choice.Right. I'm downloading my memories--you do the same--to our new--self--and desperately hope she won't hate us for it! But--either way--free will's our loss.



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