NewVicki: But I still need a physical set of hands--Dora? Dora: Me? Should I? Mindmistress: I trust Vicki. I trust Dora. You'll have to decide if you trust--yourself. Forethought: Carefully. Cautiously.NewVicki: Take the wnad-shaped interface that Forethought used to shape us--the same one that Highspeed used-- Dora: Okay. Now what? NewVicki: Forethought: Could you place my essence diagonally across the others?

Forethought: Done. Now what? NewVicki: That backpack is what keeps the Upgrade anchored to Earth's motion. Dora, use the interface to cut one of the Upgrade free--not my golden one-- Forethought: Wait!!NewVikci: --And throw it randomly--any direction you choose! Forethought: No!! Dora: Sorry, Forethought--I just hope that 'I' know what I'm doing! --For a change. Upgrade: At last! NewVicki: Now, Dora--watch what happens next!



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