Dora: Whoa! Where did it go? Did it--explode? I didn't destory--kill it--did I? NewVicki: No; that's just it becoming stuck--spatially. Srt of a'wake' left behind. Dora: Say what?Mindmistress: I think Vicki-plus means that part of the Upgrade's now still--which means the rest of the universe's changing around it.  Earth's rotation--its orbit--sun's galactic motion--universe expanding--

Forethought: And since they're timeless--it'll always be linked to its former state on this world--no matter how much the universe changes around it. I've been a blind fool.NewVikci:  Even you can't comprehend--timelessness. Dora--you need to free the others--one every five minutes. Earth's rotation will fling them in different directions.  Al--except me! Dora: Huh? Not you?



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