Phil Diaz: I clean the Dark Lady Theatre--they gave me these tickets for tonight-- Midsummer Night's Dream--something 'bout fairies. Lorelei: Like Tinkerbell?  Phil: Maybe. W-would t'go? Lorelei: Can't.Lorelei: I'm so sorry...I promised.  I like you. Just can't--t'night. Phil: It's o-okay, Lorelei.  Dumb idea, anyway... Lorelei: No it's not. Try 'nother time, 'Kay?  Phil: Sure. Back t'drawin'.

Phil: Dumb, dumb, dumb.  Short fat good-for-nothing butterball...we may both be 'special'...but look at her.  What chance do I have?  She's so nice---but no way.Phil: Well, at least I finished another picutre of her...another way she can still smile at me.  Time t'get some sleep...I'll still go to that play t'night.



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