Phil Diaz: First I'll finish up here at the Brown Penny...then the Dark Lady theatre down the street...the director promised me a surprise for my hard work...wonder what it is?Phil: *Yawwwwnn* Wooo. Long night...the bus is a little late, too...I hope she doesn't catch an earlier bus...but it'd be just my luck. Working nights...this's my only chance.

Lorelei: Hi, Phil!  Okay if I sit with you?  Phil: O-of course, Lorelei!  Lorelei: Long night? Phil: Yeah. The pub...the theare..I'm bushed. You look nice, Lorelei... Lorelei: Thanks, Phil! You're so sweet...Lorelei: Another picture of me? Phil: D-do you mind? Lorelei: No! I'm draw real good, Phil. Phil: It's easy...drawing someone like you.  Lorelei: ?You make me prettier than I am...Phil: No...I dont.



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