Rusty: I've got the oppostie problem.  You're overcoming diffderences...I've someone I'm so impatico with--it's scary.  But..we can't...touch.  Paul: What? Why?  Zane: An internet romance, right?  Rusty: Something like that...Rusty: Almost closing time.  So glad to see you, Phil. Phil Diaz: Oh, I late?  Rusty: No, no..just been a looong night.  How's the drawing coming?  Phil: Here, I'll show you...

Rusty: Wow. Phil, that's amazing. Phil: Yeah.  My teachers in Special Ed had me tested as a --s-savealot? Rusty: Savant? Phil: Yeah, that. But most savants are aw-tis-tick. I'm not aw-tis-tick.  I'm A-ar-tis-tick.Rusty: Well, you're the most artistic janitor I've ever seen...someday I'll brag that I have an original Phil Diaz...I hope you've prettier models than me... Phil: Prettier?  Yes. Very, very pretty.



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