Rusty: Evening, gents.  I'm Rusty. Another round?  What're you talking about?  Paul: What else?  Women.  Paul East.  Zane: Zane Grace.  I've got a woman driving me crazy too...I'm an assistant professor--Dramatic Arts...Zane (Caption): Anyway, I run a role-playing campaign-- Paul (Caption): RPG games? Someone still plays those?  Zane (Caption): Ha ha.  Anyway, this woman, Sophia, joined it months ago-- Zane: Sophia, so which way do you turn--? Sophia: Left--

MM: Using the sealant we acquired in the lost city overhead to seal the door shut that's waiting for me--six paces down?  The one with the creature waiting to pounce--Goblin King, maybe?  Zane: How could you know--? Gamer1: Wow. Gamer2: Ha! She did it again. Gamer3: Unbelievable. MM: Your settings lately show a strong Sundanian influence mixed with Lovecraft's 'dreamland' period--Randolph Carter faced a similar trap-- Zane: *Sigh*

Paul: Could've used her in Kabul.  Zane: She's also beautiful. Dark-haired. Grey eyes. Maddening and fascinating at the same time--unbelievably well-informed on a huge range of subjects. Rusty: Sounds pretty...intimidating.Zane (Caption): Exactly.  Zane: Sol and Sally can't make it next Thursday--so we're skipping a week.  Mindmistress: Okay. Zane: But...we can still get out 'fantasy fix'.  Friends're performing 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'...

Zane: I've two tickets--would you--? MM: You're asking me--? Zane: Why not? You've figured out everything about me--but I know next to nothing about you. We've met every Thursday for months-- MM: Well... Zane: You're not involved with someone else, I hope? MML No. Zane: I get to combine two interests--theatre and fantasy--and learn more about you. Win-Win. Mindmistress: Hmmm. Oh, well...why not?

Zane: Tomorrow.  I'm as nervous as a cat at a dog show.  Paul: Why?  Didn't you want--? Zane: Sure. But sometimes--she amkes me feel like a pet--being praised for fetching a stick.



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