Paul: See, my sister has MR. Zane: MR?  Paul: Mental retardation.  It's the 'PC' diagnosis.  Anyway...I've always been protective of her and her friends--including gangly, thin, freckled, Lorelei.  Zane: Ah. And?Paul (Caption): When I was a high school senior, and they were fourteen... Paul: Lucy--I took care of that creep that was hitting on you and Loreli. Lucy: Great! Thanks. Lorelei: My--uh, our--hero.

Paul: After my first tour, I came back, and they were eighteen...Ludy: Lorelei--look who's back.  Lorelei: Paul? I--we missed you.  Paul: Whoa. You've certainly blossomed, Lorelei.  Lorelei: B-blossomed? Paul: Changed--for the better.All my life--I was taught only a creep 'took advantage' of a mentally disabled lady--yet--shy little Lorelei was very pretty. Obviously smitten.  It'd be so easy...

Paul: So instead I went home.  Took a cold shower.  Because I shouldn't 'take advantage'.  Not fair to her.  Zane: Or to you.  Paul: Because I'd hate it if someone 'took advantage' of my sister...Paul: So I keep my hands off--do the right thing--until I make a drunken mistake.  Now I'm the creep--not for touching her--but because I think her condition--matters.



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