Vicki:Isn't that an old English penny up there?  Rusty: Yeah. My uncle was a big fan of a W.B. Yeats poem, 'Brown Penny'. Should've been an Irish penny, really...Vicki: He named his bar..after a poem? Rusty: Yeah.  A love poem. Vicki: Does incurable romanticism run in your family?  Rusty:  I blame it on my genes... Vicki: Keep it in your jeans.

Rusty: Heyyy...I thought you were an A.I. in female form-- Vicki: Yeah--but I'm still a lady!  Rusty: No argument there.  Exit Rusty Minton, college student--enter Rusty Minton, part-time bartender.  Later.Rusty: Hey, Jerry, you can go home---I've got this shift.  Jerry: Right.  Paul East: So I say I'm sorry....and she acts all offended.  Zane: So..would you date someone mentally challenged? Paul: Of course not.



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