Vicki: Okay--you been dating?  Rusty: Well...some. Vicki: ?You're cute when you're lying your head off. Rusty, we've talked about this--I'm a program faking being female--you have needs-- Rusty: Enough.Vicki: What're you listening to?  Rusty: Some old Nick Drake--'Northern Sky'.  Vicki: Ohhh, I love that. Rusty: Next...Paul Weller's 'You Do Something To Me'.  Vicki--do you love--MM?  Vicki: The Boss?

Vicki: She created me--she's my friend--my 'parent'...I know more about her than anybody--but she's still a mystery.  Sometimes I feel like her crying towel--her confidant--and sometimes I feel like her...pocket calculator. She has thoughts--aspirations--plans--that are beyond me. I'll never--comprehend her.

Vicki: Anyway--you and I-- Rusty: Look, you make me--less lonely.  That's it.  Isn't that enough?  Isn't that what everyone's looking for?  I understand we can never do anything physically...Rusty: --But there's something going on-- Vicki: Yeah, we're breaking new gournd here--the first AI/human relationship.  Scary.  Rusty: Look, I've got to study...and I'm working tomorrow.  I'd like some company... Vicki: Okay.



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