Vicki: Hi, Boss!  how'd the dinner party go--?  Are you crying? Lorelei: Oh, great...except I made a fool of myself--like always--I should never go to anything like that--Lorelei I either say th'wrong thing, or do th' wrong thing...always.  I-I'm just going t'bed. Forget today ever happened. No mindmistress tonight.  Vicki: Sorry, Boss. Sweet dreams.

Vicki: Well...night off. Ummm. Of course I can do mega-multitasking...but besides my eight blogs--seven flame wars--two online matchmaking services--it'd be nice seeing what Rusty's doing...Vicki: Hi. Rusty Minton: Hi.  Vicki: Half a hundred false online personas--you're the only person--besides the Boss--who knows the real me.  Rusty: How is Mindmistress?  Vicki: The Boss? Lonely.  Very, very lonely.



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