Zane: Night, Professor. Coming to the play? Professor: No. In fact--we need to talk. Zane: Now? I've a date-- Professor: This won't take long--and it's important.  Zane: Sure. What's up?Professor: I want you to know I've tendered my resignation to the University.  I've recommended you to finish my classes.  Zane: What?? Why?? Professor: We thought it best--avoiding the scandal.  Zane: What...scandal?

Professor: You know since my divorce I've spent a lot of time with my dogs-- Zane: Sure. Leda's beautiful.  Interesting choice of words.   Depressed, I asked Murrow in Chemistry for some LSD.Professor: I took waaayyy too much this morning--next coherent thought a pet shop employee there to walk the dogs screamed--as I almost loved Leda--the wrong way.  Zane:You--? The collie--? Ew. Professor: Exactly.



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