Professor (Caption): I took my divorce pretty hard.  Professor: That' After fifteen years?  Wife: Don't be so melodramatic--instinctive though that is for drama professors--you've your career---your students--your dogs.  You'll be fine.Professor (Caption): So this morning-- Professor: That girl from Hardy's pet store--Lori?--will be here to walk you all soon--I'm going inside--see how fine Irish whiskey and LSD mix.

Professor (Caption): Answer: Not well.  Lorelei: 'Fessor Gibbs? It's Lorelei from Hardy's. The door's open--Leda's not with th'other dogs...hey!! Stop!!! Professor (Caption): I came to--almost doing--what I most--detested.Professor: Her yells brought the neighbors.  I was a college professor--champion dog--ha!--breeder--PETA chapter chairman.  Now? I'm an unemployed registered sex offender. Zane: What a tragedy, Professor Gibbs. Zane: Indeed.

I always loved the best way. Their love is unconditional. Total.  I would have castrated anyone who tried to do that to one of my

Professor: Tragedy;s the highest form of drama.  How we--without intending to--become that which we most despise.  By circumstances we can't contorl.  You're right. It is a tragedy.  Mine.



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