Mindmistress: Involved in this production?  Zane: Not as much as Professor Gibbs, but he... Mindmistress: Yes. It was on the news.  Still...Shakespeare. Midsummer Night's dream.  I hope it's good.Titania: Come, sit thee down upon this flowery bed--while I thy amiable cheeks do coy-- and stick musk-roses in thy sleek smooth head-- and kiss thy fair large ears, my gentle joy.

Titania: My Oberon!  What visions have I seen!  Methought I was enamoured of an ass. Oberson: There lies your love.  Titania: How came those things to pass?  O, how mine eyes do loathe his visage now!Zane: Hungry?  Mindmistress: Not really... Zane: Drink? Brown Penny Pub's nearby... Mindmistress: ...Okay. Zane: So what character did you identify with? Hermia?  Helena?  Mindmistress: Titania. Zane: Really?  Mindmistress: What woman doesn't dread waking up by an...ass?



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