Rusty: Take your order?  Zane: Laphroiac for me.  You, Sophia?  Mindmistress: In all honesty, I've not been a big drinker, and that only at family events...a glass of white wine, perhaps?Rusty: Wait...that voice..that hair...that figure...?  Mindmistress: Hello, Rusty.  Yes, I'm...Vicki's boss.  Zane: You two know each other?  Girlfriend's boss.  She once got me out of a bad jam.

Zane: So that barkeep's unattainable object d'amout works for you? Mindmistress: Vicki? Executive assistant. Zane: I was never sure...what do you do, Sophia? Mindmistress: Various kinds of research... Phil: Psssst! Rusty!  Rusty: Phil?Rusty: How come you're here so early? It's your night off, anyway!  Phil: Shhhh.  Followed the couple you was talking to...know the lady? 'Cause I think I do..but...she can't be.



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