Rusty: Wait.  Wait. Wait.  You're saying you know her--except she's blonde--blue-eyed...and 'special' the way you're special?  Phil: I've drawn her hundreds of times...same bones--same way she moves around--Phil: --Even the same owl locket that she always wears.  Rusty: Of which there might be hundreds, Phil.  Is her voice the same?  Phil:, Rusty...Lorelei's voice is a little higher...

Rusty: Phil--I'm sorry--that's crazy.  Maybe you're obsessed with this Lorelei--maybe this--umm, Sophia--is a relative--but believe me--she's beyond brilliant.  Phil: I know--what I know.Phil: Twins don't move that much alike--an' Lorelei's got no sisters.  I don't know how--but that's Lorelei! Zane: --I don't really know you.  Mindmistress: the club.



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