Mindmistress: Assistant drama professor, ummm? What's the play you're writing about?  Zane: Play? Mindmistress: Surely you're working on a play.  It's practically required for drama professors.  Zane: Well...ever read Gulliver's Travels?Mindmistress: Of course. Zane: You remember the last voyage? Where Gulliver travelled to the land of talking horses? Mindmistress: The noble Houyhnhnms...and the yammering, yet humanlike Yahoos.  Humans acting like beasts.

Zen: The idea is a modern sequel..a female descendent follows Gulliver's notebooks. She finds the Houyhnhnms extinct...but theYahooo population exploding.  She's well-armed...but alone...the one rational human--Zane: --Among unthinking savages. Scared. Unable to meaningfully talk to anyone...uh oh. What...what did I say? Mindmistress: Nothing wrong. You just...sturck a nerve.



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