Paul West: Well, well...marriage agrees with you, 'Bro.  Caedmon: Ah. Home from the wars--no doubt with Bin Ladin in tow.  Welcome home, Paul. Paul: Good to be back, Caedmon.Monica: Um-Uhmm. A man in uniform!  Paul: Why, Caedmon. There's hope for you yet.  She married you?  Caedmon: I can't believe it, either. Monica: Lucy and Lego called--finally on their way.

Lucy: Paul!! It's so good to see you-- Paul: Same here, Lucy.  Put 'er there, brother-in-law! How's married life?  Lucy/Leo: Fun. Paul: Spare a brother the sordid details. Lucy: We invited Lorelei----Before we knew you'd be here.  That's okay, right?  Paul: Sure, Lucy.  Lorelei--haven't seen you in years. What're you up to? Lorelei: Livin' on my own...workin' inna pet store.

Paul: Great. That's great. Realy great.  Lorelei: Yeah. Great.  Lucy: You remember when Lorelei was twelve and had a huge crush on sixteen-year-old teenage heartthrob you...? Paul and Lorelei: We remember.



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