Lorelei: Knock-knock?  Lucy?  Lucy: Oh!! Oh..Lorelei?  What time is it?  Oh.  Uh, Lorelei--we lost track of time--we'll be out in about--uh! Fifteen minutes. Okay?  Sorry.  Lorelei: Sure, Lucy.  Newlyweds.Lorelei: Twenty minuts now. I hope that headboard's cushioned for Lucy's sake...this reminds me--I promised Mr. Hardy I'd help with that dog breeding--hope Caedmon and Monica aren't getting impatient--

Lucy: Sorry, Lorelei.   Didn't mean t'keep you waiting... Lorelei: S'okay.  I hope you didn't...hurry.  Lucy: No.  Not...'zactly. Can I tell you a secret? Lorelei: Sure.  Lucy: Being married's...so much fun...Leo: Jumped in th'shower...set a world record dressin'...I've worked up an appetite!  Lucy: Oh, Lorelei--I just found out--Paul'll be there! Lorelei: Paul? Your brother?

Lucy:  You remember when you were twelve?  He was sixteen? You had such a crush on him... Lorelei: I...remember.  Lucy: Paul's finally finished his tour in Afghanistan.  He's back.



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