Mindmistress: Vicki--you know what to do. Vicki: On it. Mindmistress: Meanwhile...Doctuh Minnie Daniels is in the house.  Chuck'll be here in a minute...you need a few months to recuperate...Chuck: Boss? Wow. They told me...but I didn't believe...you're moving your right hand!! Forceful/Dan: Thanks to Dr. Daniels here. Mindmistress: Dan...that's so sweet of you t'say!  Forceful: Thanks...Loretta Lynn.

Chuck: I'm speechless. That's amazing.  Mindmistress: Dan's lungs are stronguh, too. Try him wotjpit his breathing aids for longuh and longuh periods. Forceful: Good deal. Chuck: I'll bring the van around back...Forceful: Okay, Chuck's gone. What's Vicki doing? Mindmistress: Keeping tabs on Vengeful.  In fact, I'm picking up his satellite phone bill.  Forceful: What? Why?  Mindmistress: Well, Dan...remembering my mentioning the mercenary Bloodlust?

Forceful: Yeah. Mindmistress: Bloodlust contacted him in the past...and probably will again. If he does...we'll track down Bloodlust. Also, by tracking Vengeful's...relocations...we'll get clues about Sheol's...attributes.Mindmistress: Vicki'll trigger his phone's GPS chip at irregular internals...which should also affect Sheol, who's 'entangled' with him.  Vengeful: No...not again... Mindmistress: Sheol wasn't lying--but his memories are--self-admittedly--edited--

'Mindmistress: Flying saucers? Ghosts?  Practically everything anyone's wondered about?  It's all too...pat.  It's a trap.  Sheol's a trap. Vengeful: Please..?  Mindmistress: Custom-built to trigger my curiosity.  I have several theories...Forceful: But...even you're not sure who's behind it.  Mindmistress: Right.  I'm using Vengeful to gather information...then I'll act.  It may be months from now.  I may need...help. Forceful: Anytime. ...And thanks.



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