Ally Bowman: Phil--I miss you so much...we followed each other to the ends of the earth...literally.  Now you've fallen...beyond.  We were a team. Now I feel...incomplete.Elder: We still want you to stay, Mrs. Bowman. Ally Bowman: Ally.  I'll stay...the Red Cross/Crescent will send a new doctor within weeks.  Thomasina: I'd like to the clinic.

Ally: Of course. Glad for the help...poor Leo. Poor Dan. He was like a gather to them... Elder: Those...are your sons?  Thomasina: Could I see that photograph, lease?  Ally: Dan's?  Sure.Thomasina: I understood both your sons were...afflicted? Ally: Leo's mentally afflicted. Dan's paralyzed.  Thomasina: He's paralyzed. Ally: Yes. Horrible accident.  Lost his wife and children.  Thomasina: He's...paralyzed? Ally: Something wrong? Thomasina: sanity.



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