Mindmistress: Good. We made it. Forceful: My wife. My sons. Phil. It's like the Reaper's ...harvesting...everyone I care about.... Mindmistress: Just hallucinations. Without your spinal damage...they'd already overhwlm you.Mindmistress: Time to return to sanity.. Forceful: To immobility.  The Reaper...takes all the others...and leaves me...a witness unable to move...just...mourn. A helpless joke. ...A final mockery.

Forceful: Sorry. It's great to be able to see--think--clearly again--just...humiliating..to be dressed and undressed like an infant. Mindmistress:  Awww, poor baby!  Catch!  Right hand, please. Forceful: Huh? What??Forceful: Huh? I caught it!  Mindmistress: Remeber how after your first Forceful experience--you could wiggle some toes?  Now you can move your right hand--ten more sessions--you'll be cured.



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