Thomasina: The village is having a feast celebrating the Herald of Change's end--join us!  Forceful: No thanks, Thomasina-- I don't feel well...I've been Forceful to long-- Thomasina: Why?  What's wrong?Mindmistress: Forceful!! you all right?  Forceful: Honestly? No. Hallucinations startig--crowding in-- I-I can't tell what's real and what not... Mindmistress: I should've never left you alone this long-- time's...up.

Forceful: Help me--please--aah!! What'd I hit..? Mindmistress: Forceful!! Calm down!  Keep still!! Try not to move... Forceful: But everything's so bright--warped--melting-- Mindmistress: We'll return home--reverse the process.Mindmistress: Forceful--if you move while we're in the catwalk--we could tumble anywhere. Hold still!! Forceful: Yes, Mother.  Okay if I breathe?  Thomasina: Are you leaving?  Mindmistress: We have to, Thomasina.

Thomasina: We're grateful for all you did--do you want us to keep it all--secret?  Forceful: Yes. Mindmistress: That's not necessary.  Tell what you want--no one would believe you anyway.



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