Sheol: Homo Ergaster's body structure wouldn't allow complex speech yet--the only alternative was quarantine for the infected.  Luckily, the megaquantum state's uncertainty works perfectly for that.  The infected vanish away--Sheol (Caption): Never able to stay close to the tribe...never able to infect the others---relocating if near more than one person--feared.  Shunned.  But the early human race was safe.

Wait. So you're saying---you were a--'medical missionary' to the early human race? Like Phil Tryon was?  Sheol: There are...similarities.  Except he treated his fellow humans. I'm...not human.Sheol: I keep track of the race I saved--in case they need saving--again.  Mindmistress: Wait-- Sheol: Sorry. Some mysteries don't want to be solved--even your ingenuity can't confine--me.



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