Mindmistress: So--how long have you been terrifying us--just to 'study' us, Sheol?  Sheol: Two million years.  A new creature had arisen--competing with homo habilis--on the plains of Africa.Sheol (Caption): Homo Ergaster and his close cousin, Homo Erectus--there were only a few hundred then, in a small area of Africa. Your ancestors.  A disaster could have easily wiped them out.

Sheol: An older male caught a disease from raw antelope meat--extremely contagious--excrutiatingly painful--almost always fatal. Old male: Aiaiaiyaaayaaa!!! Sheol (Caption): 'I' was observing--hether alien or nonhuman but earthly--fearing your extinction.Sheol: As it spread--decimating your ancestors--'I' downloaded--duplicated--my consciousness into this machine--eliminated my origins from my memory--my'original' left--leaving me to save homo ergaster.



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