Being: My main consciousness was hidden under the inland sea which later shrunk into Lake Chad.  I'd send out flying drones--inspecting the progress of the rest of the world.Being: But as your civilization advanced in the last century, the skies got more...crowded.  All my drones were in the megaquantum state-- they'd fade away under collective scrutiny--unverifiable.  Uncathable.  Unprovable.

Being: It was more and more unnecessary anyway--your communications satellites brought more and more of your culture to me.  I just used my drones to scout rural areas--Mindmisress: You're behind UFO sightings?  Riiiight.  Being: Hardly. Optical illusion--hysteria--misidentification--cause most.  I'm responsible for just a few.  Mindmistress: Same with ghosts?  How...pat.  I'll name you...Sheol.



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