Mindmistress: So...how exactly do you 'learn' about us? Being: When I create another in my 'megaquantum' state---I'm 'entangled' with them.   I share their emotions--sense--dimly--their knoweldge--memories.Being: My form is...mutable.  Sometimes, to investigate pre-mass media societies, I'd stride the plains as a dark giant...trying to find a lone human...often coming across an understandably terrified hunter.

Being: I'd make him like me---like I made Thomasina Oeddei.  The link was forged.  The fear would wash over me--but his thoughts, his memories, would also echo within me.Being: The hunters would run to his fellows--only to fade away before he talks to them.  They fear him as a ghost--he fears he may have died.



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