Forceful: Maybe I'm just numb...but I have trouble mourning you, Phil.  You died saving someone...after decades of saving hundreds more.  Without reward.  Face.  Just...being needed.Elder: He was only with us for a short while--yet saved several lives, young and old--ending with my own.  Forceful: Yeah. He saved my life.  Just not..medically. Elder: Oh?

Elder: What was he to you?  He'd no children. Thomasina: ?He spoke of two children he treated as sons-- one's mentally deficient--one unable to move.  Elder: ?You're clearly neither. Forceful: ...Clearly. Just...a... friend.Thomasina: At least the children are becoming normal again--their armor retracting--into small duplicates of that silver-armored woman-- Forceful: Yeah.  She's full of tricks. I hope she's okay...talking to that...thing.



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