Thomasina: How are you doing this?  It isn't...human!!  Forceful: Neither was fading from place to place-- yet now you're's your village--and there's your father.Thomasina: Daddy!! I'm back!  I'm here--to stay!! Elder: Stay? You won't--fade away?  Thomasina: Never again.  I'm cured!  Elder: After my cowardice cost us your sister--two years of your life!

Forceful: Hey--anybody know English?  Kid: Some. Forceful: These what's left of the 'Heralds of Change?' Kid: Yes..all disarmed.  Demoralized.  What now?  Forceful: What else? We send them packing...Forceful: --Minus their weapons, their vehicles--no longer soldiers lording it over unarmed villages--now defenseless hikers. Go!! Soldier1: How humiliating-- Soldier2: But we've no choice-- Soldier3: He's too powerful--even without armor.



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