Mindmistress: You have no idea who built you?  Or why? Being: Just my purpose: I was to learn about--humanity.  To that end---selected humans were 'entangled' with my hyper-quantum state.  Vengeful: Now.Vengeful: I've worked my bonds off--I may fear the dead--but I fear no man living--much less a woman wrapped in tin! Mindmistress: You. You're trying to tackle me--?

I-I couldn't touch you?? Now I'm fading--? Am I--dead? Mindmistress: No. But you might wish you were--hope you enjoy travel...and never touching another person again...goodbye...Vengeful.Mindmistress: Did you plan this? That he would become 'locationally challenged' by being near the others' ...decoherence?   Being: I lost two of the...entnagled. Adding one new subjects only seemed fair...



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