Being: She's returned to her former state?  I can restore her--- Mindmistress: Uh! Forceful-- get her back to the village!! Forceful: Right. Come with me... Thomasina: Don't let it do that to me again...Thomasina: Aiiiyeeiii!!! We're going to die-- Forceful: Relax.  We're just a few of my leaps away from your village--from your father.  I won't let you fall. Honest.

Being: Clever--using GPS tracking on her quantum randomness...causing it to accelerate.  I had to investigate-- Mindmistress: I figured you were also 'entangled' with her-- as well as other--'phantoms'.Mindmistress: What are you?  You're obviously a construct--extraterrestrial?  Forgotten civilization?  Being: I wish I knew. Memories of my origin--have been erased from my mind.  Noting to trace my creators.



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