Vengeful: Ghosts--all around me!  What if one of them is the shade of--my father??Vengeful: That one--like my father--as a young man?? No. Please, no...

Vengeful: Go away!! I tried to avenge you, father-- Other: Father? --But I'm not your--Vengeful: Stop haunting me!! Thomasina: Stay away, murdererer-- Other: Look out--

Mindmistress: Never mind trying to touch her.  Forceful: 'Kay.Thomasina: I'm n-normal?? How--? Mindmistress:  Quantum particles become 'normal' when they hit other particles--decohering. When you collided with another 'locationally challenged' person--you both became--normal.  Thomasina: What? Forceful: My sentiments exactly.



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