Vengeful: So...why are we lingering here? Forceful:  I'm wondering the same thing myself. Mindmistress: Waiting for Thomasina to appear--by her twin sister's grave. Forceful: Which will happen because... Mindmistress: Quantum entanglement. Forceful: Meaning.Mindmistress: Particles created in the same quantum state--forever after share a 'spooky' bond.  Her father said Thomasina keeps on reappearing by her sister's grave. --Her identical twin--once one zygote.

Mindmistress: Mimicking quantum properties on a larger scale--she's drawn back to her twin's grave. Vengeful: The ghost-woman's appearing!  Forceful: The saucers? The 'ghosts'?  Mindmistress: Created by the same process--also 'entangled' by her.Mindmistress: Forceful: she takes about thirty seconds to fully appear--then our collective presence will trigger her--relocation. You can't touch her--but I want you to try to.  Forceful:But--? *Sigh* Okay--I'll try...



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