Forceful: Save it, murderer.  When I think of the Doctor you killed-- Mindmistress: You've killed thousands--yet you fear--ghosts? Vengeful:Men I can kill. --Yet to those beyond death?  I'm powerless.Vengeful (Caption): When I was young, my mother lay dying--and my father was taking to her doctor--- Father: There's nothing more you can do? Nothing?  Doctor: I'm sorry....the fever's consuming her.

Father: If you cannot save her--you'll precede her. Vengeful: Father?  Mother:No, don't...Doctor: Eyaaaaii!! Vengeful (Caption): I had never seen my father kill anyone before.  I saw it as rough justice for his--incompetence.Vengeful (Caption): A decade later...Vengeful: Father?  Do you believe in an..afterlife? Father: I'm sometimes haunted by that doctor I slw.. If I die violently--avenge me--or I'll haunt you.



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