Forceful: Aw, c'mon! U.F.O.s?? The strain must've driven her crazy... Vicki: Like we're so normal... Mindmistress: No.  This fits a pattern.  In fact...this may explain many puzzles...maybe even--Thomasina:Ghosts! Or they thinkof themselves as ghosts...I think they're!  Somehow my...travelling..has picked them up.  Phantom1: At last!  We're staying in sight... Phantom2: Been so...alone.

Vengeful: Ghosts?'s happened at last.  My father's shade is coming for me. Mindmistress: Your father?  Vengeful: Yes. He swore he would...if I didn't avenge him if he was killed.Vengeful: So all this time...Ihave been chasing a ghost...ano a woman with an unusual ability.  Mindmistress: Or the others..fading away when near others..only thought they were ghosts. Vengeful: No. Listen...



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