Zane: You've barely touched your drink-- Mindmistress: True.  I wasn't kidding when I said I rarely drink.  Sips at parties as a child. My father told me--nevermind. Open myself to new...experiences.Mindmistress: ...Including the joys of fermented grapes.  Hmmm.  Not bad. Zane: What did your father say?  Mindmistress: He said that L--that I could get drunk on rumcake.  Ridiculous, of course.

Mindmistress: Wooo.  Interesting dis-disorientation. Maybe my father ws right, at that... Zane: Half a glass? You're already...feeling it?  Whiskey, maybe, but wine--?  Mindmistress: That play you're writing...was the heroine ever attracted to a Yahoo?Zane: Yes...but she found she couldn't act on it.  The body wante dit--the mind, though--knew it'd only make her...lonelier. Right? Zane: Well...yes.  Mindmistress: He'd be a good-looking pet.

Zane: Are..are you okay?  Mindmistress: I'm fine. Fine fine fine fine fine.  Drunk as a skunk--on a teeeny tiny drink. I'l be jus' fine...jus'...feelin'...feelings. Not...thinking.



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